About Us

The Ashford and District Tennis League exists to encourage competitive play for all ages. The matches for adults are all doubles, but the junior matches consist of both singles and doubles.

The League has been going for over fifty years and its membership has generally remained the smaller Kentish clubs with two or three courts although clubs of any size are welcome. Originally the League was Summer Mixed divisions only – but with a difference. To allow for clubs with only two available courts we used to play four mixed rubbers and then two single sex rubbers. Everyone wanted to play at least three rubbers each in a match and we all seemed to have a lot more time on our hands. Remember at the beginning the tie-break did not exist and each rubber was the best of three advantage sets. Playing from two in the afternoon until nine at night was commonplace!

Over the last twenty years the League has changed to reflect the changing lifestyles of its players. As grass courts became fewer, a winter competition was introduced, then additional Men’s’ and Ladies’ competitions. While the men’s and Ladies’ competitions were always the best of three full sets (whether tie-break or advantage), the summer mixed competition (with its extra single sex rubbers) was modified so that the final set if required was just a normal tie-break. Now the League has finally done away with the single sex rubbers at the end of the summer mixed competition and so all league matches will now consist of four rubbers, each rubber is the best of three full tie-break sets.

The Junior League has U14, U16 and U18 Divisions and has been going from strength to strength with a winter competition being introduced in 2005. Various formats apply to the junior divisions with the younger players playing to win as many games as possible, while the older players play full sets/matches.

The Ashford League used to enter many teams into the Kent and East Kent Leagues. Unfortunately, due to the lack of available Captains, these teams have now been reduced to one Ladies’ team playing in the Winter Kent League. These teams offer the better players in the league the opportunity to pit their skills against other players whom they would not usually meet on court. We would like to continue this tradition, so if there are any volunteers out there…………..


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